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Conversion Van Back Up Sensor Kit

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SKU: 1911

Description: OEM grade digital 2 sensor upgradeable system (rear mount application only)

*Waterproof connectors allow replacement of individual sensors at the bumper

*Includes 0 degree and 8 degree angle sensor sleeves to fit most bumpers

*Sensors can be flush installed without the sleeves for a more OEM look

*Adjustable buzzer volume & tricolor LED warning module helps with object range notification

*Black sensors can be painted to match vehicle color

*Three detection zones give the following warnings:

*Zone 1 = Slow beep within 5.5 - 3 feet, flashing green LED indicator

*Zone 2 = medium beep within 3 - 1.3 feet, flashing yellow LED indicator

*Zone 3 = steady tone within 1.3 feet, flashing red LED indicator

*Ranges are approximate and will vary depending on installation, weather and object size and shape

*3 year warranty

This item will fit all models
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