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1988-98 C/K Truck / 1992-99 Blazer/Suburban/Tahoe Fender Flare Set

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SKU: 95552

Description: These flares are 2 3/8 inches wide. They install on the vehicle with double-sided tape around the outer edge and small self tapping screws inside the wheel well lip. Round Style. Set of 4 MADE FROM TOUGH FLEXIBLE URETHANE. All Fender Flares are manufactured with high tolerances to ensure unsurpassed quality and have been designed and engineered to make installation quick and easy. They are the best fender flares available in the market place.

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Item is designed to fit the following vehicles:

Make Model Year
Chevrolet Tahoe 1999
Chevrolet Tahoe 1998
Chevrolet Tahoe 1997
Chevrolet Tahoe 1996
Chevrolet Tahoe 1995
Chevrolet Tahoe 1994
Chevrolet Tahoe 1993
Chevrolet Tahoe 1992
Chevrolet Suburban 1999
Chevrolet Suburban 1998
Chevrolet Suburban 1997
Chevrolet Suburban 1996
Chevrolet Suburban 1995
Chevrolet Suburban 1994
Chevrolet Suburban 1993
Chevrolet Suburban 1992
Chevrolet Blazer 1999
Chevrolet Blazer 1998
Chevrolet Blazer 1997
Chevrolet Blazer 1996
Chevrolet Blazer 1995
Chevrolet Blazer 1994
Chevrolet Blazer 1993
Chevrolet Blazer 1992
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1998
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1997
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1996
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1995
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1994
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1993
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1992
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1991
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1990
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1989
Chevrolet C/K Truck 1988
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